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4B explores the tribulations faced by artistic inspiration and creation.

An artist at work is a fascinating state of mind. 4B explores this abstract entity and how it is affected by real, material obstacles.

It's also an experiment in a formally economical environment, making use of  basic technical resources.


Format                                                   DV Color

Duration                                                 3 min.

Country of origin                                    México

Year of production                                 2005

Cast                                                        Israel Mata

Producing                                               pepecaudillo / PRIMITA FILMS

Directing                                                 pepecaudillo

Screenwriting                                         pepecaudillo

Photography                                           Jorge Taboada

Editing                                                     pepecaudillo

Sound Design, Recording & Editing    Roberto Garza

Original Music                                       Javier Lara

Art Direction                                            pepecaudillo and Jorge Taboada

Make up                                                  Ana Rocío Esparza

Still Photography                                    Claudia Romo

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2005 Official Selection · 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam · Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2005 Official Selection · Cine Demuestra · Guadalajara, México

2005 Official Selection · Vancouver International Digital Festival · Vancouver, Canada

Special Presentation · Latinamerican Premiere · MARCO Museum · Monterrey, México

2005 Official Selection · New York International Latino Film Festival · New York, USA

Special Presentation · Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey · Cineteca Nuevo León · Monterrey, México

2005 Official Selection · Fórum Internacional de Cine Monterrey 2005 · Cineteca Nuevo León · Monterrey, México

2005 Official Selection · Festival de Cinema de Girona · Girona, Spain

2006 Official Selection · Short Shorts Film Festival México · Cinépolis Diana y Cineteca Nacional · México, D.F.

2006 Official Selection · Festival Cine en Corto · Matamoros, México

2009 Official Selection · Moscow Latin American Film Festival · Moscow, Russia

2009 Official Selection · Festival Internacional In Vitro Visual · Bogotá, Colombia