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FICHAS a film by pepecaudillo



The contrasts between two social classes are exposed through a day in the life of a group of teenagers.


Format                                  VHS Color

Duration                                11'00"

Country of origin                   México

Year of production                1993

Director                                  pepecaudillo

Screenplay                             pepecaudillo

Director of Photography       Joel Herrera

Editing                                    Joel Herrera and pepecaudillo

Cast                                        Oliver Palazuelos, Carlos Bejos, Gustavo Lara and José Rey

Producer                                Carlos Bejos, pepecaudillo and Joel Herrera

                                                FUGO FILMS

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October 20th & 21st, 1993 · Monterrey, México · ITESM Sala Vitro

October 13th, 1994 · Monterrey, México · ITESM Sala Vitro

October 10th, 1995 · Monterrey, México · ITESM Sala Vitro