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POR UNA PERRA a film by pepecaudillo

FUGO FILMS 2002      FUGO FILMS 2002

FUGO FILMS 2002      FUGO FILMS 2002


Today is Friday. Juan is desperate. It’s his girlfriend’s birthday and Juan is busy. He’s helping Esteban, a friend, with a chore that’s taken too many days. Esteban asks for patience but Juan’s anguish grows as his girlfriend keeps calling on the phone. Told through an impressive sequence-shot, POR UNA PERRA is a story about anguish and desperation... in real time.


Format                                    Digital B&W

Duration                                 10'43"

Country of origin                    México

Year of production                 2002

Director                                  pepecaudillo

Screenplay                             pepecaudillo

Director of Photography       Joel Herrera

Editing                                     pepecaudillo

Cast                                         Guillermo Hernández, Israel Mata, Héctor de la Vega

Producers                               Carlos Bejos, pepecaudillo and Joel Herrera

                                                 FUGO FILMS

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October 11th & 13th, 2002 · Dallas, TX · Vistas Film Festival · Angelika Film Center

Official Selection · Festival Internacional de Cine Voladero 2003 · Monterrey, México

October 17th & 18th, 2003 · Monterrey, N.L. · VIDEXPO 2003 · Casa de la Cultura

2009 Official Selection · Moscow Latin American Film Festival · Moscow, Russia